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Through the hard work and smart business sense of John Cay and the help of many driven employees, Palmer & Cay became a successful and booming insurance-brokerage firm for 135 years. No one could have anticipated that it would suddenly suffer a Titanic-like plunge to the bottom in less than two years’ time after coming under new management.

Former Senior Vice President and Managing Partner Ron Collins gives a highly anticipated report on how the downfall of this firm commenced in his debut book, Scuttled: The Sinking of the Palmer Cay. From bringing in new leadership from the outside to the hiring of ill-equipped employees, Ron specifically describes the high-power players who drilled each fateful hole into Palmer & Cay.

For management enthusiasts, students, or anyone just itching to find out what happened to this once-thriving business, Scuttled gives a step-by-step account of what went wrong and shares examples of sound leadership that could have prevented it.


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